Estate Planning Smarts

How to Use This Book

At Least 12 Ways to Use This Book

Readers of all ages have relied on Estate Planning Smarts as a source of information. Some have ordered multiple copies and given them to family members. We have also heard from readers who have used Estate Planning Smarts to:

  1. Start a conversation about estate planning with a spouse, elderly parent or adult child
  2. Become familiar with the subject before meeting with financial advisers
  3. Guide them through the process of choosing an estate planning lawyer
  4. Plan for a time when they might not be able to handle their finances because of illness or disability
  5. Learn more about strategies their lawyer has recommended
  6. Save money by reducing the time they must spend with professionals
  7. Get an independent perspective about controversial subjects, such as the pros and cons of do-it-yourself documents and whether to choose professional trustees or executors, rather than family members
  8. Avoid key estate planning mistakes
  9. Take necessary steps after a loved one has died
  10. Help decide what to do now — and what to do later
  11. Make choices about charitable giving
  12. Avoid family conflicts